Corolle Mon Premier Calin 12″ Calin Laughing Blueberry

Corolle Mon Premier Calin 12" Calin Laughing Blueberry
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Picture Of Corolle Mon Premier Calin 12″ Calin Laughing Blueberry
Corolle Mon Premier Calin 12″ Calin Laughing Blueberry
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Calin is the perfect "my first baby" doll. A soft bean filled body allows this doll to posed and played with like a real baby. The vinyl limbs and face are supple and have a mild vanilla scent that children love. The blue eyes open and close, so it can take a nap just like a real baby! This lightweight doll is fun to carry around, hug, and snuggle. Adorable and durable, this doll can stand up to the roughest play. Calin Laughing Blueberry is wearing a flowered blouse, lavendar vest, pink leggings and matching hat.

Customer Reviews

love these dolls

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 on August 8, 2012
By vivismom
This is the second corolla 12″ doll we have. I bought this because my 16 month old got Strawberry and has not put her down in months! She takes her baby into the tub, sits in the highchair,sleeps with her etc. Literally carries her everywhere and wont even leave home without it. The vanilla scented plastic still smells good. This doll has actual cotton stuffing in the body where Strawberry just has a bean bag body. My daughter seems to prefer the floppy baby who doesn’t sit up! Blueberry has 2 top front teeth where Strawberry has none. I would recommend this doll to anyone with a baby! I cannot believe how much she adores this baby compared to all the other baby dolls she has. I’ve washed her in the machine several times and no tears yet. Durable, cute, but most importantly she is adored!-

Not disappointed

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 on December 5, 2012
By JoanRene
This is a great doll! I bought it for my granddaughter who is 2 years old and she love it. LOL-she was mesmerized by the opening/closing eyes and sat and poked her eyeballs for a bit. Made my eyes hurt just watching her! At any rate, the doll is made well, the bean bag bum makes it easy to sit her up, she has a pleasant, light vanilla smell and the clothes are nice and cute.The have velcro for easy undressing/dressing. I know she was a bit pricey, but this doll looks like she can take a lot of loving, eye poking, etc. and keep going.

Daughter’s First Doll

 on December 11, 2012
By Serine E. Shannon
I bought this for my daughter’s first birthday. After lots of research I chose this one, even though I’ve been a bit of a tomboy my whole life and wasn’t quite sure. When it came out the box, she cooed, kissed (licked!) Calin’s head, smiled and rocked her. Yay! Mostly this doll Calin gets drug around the house, left on her face, or has her little eyes played with. I think the 18 month mark is accurate for this item and that my daughter is really a little young for it. But it’s been instant love. She is so high quality. I know others have remarked that the Mon Premier dolls are small, but I think the size is perfect. The attention to detail in the clothing, her quirky teeth and toes are wonderful. I’m sure we’ll be sucked into the world of pink now, but this one was a great start for us, and most importantly our daughter loves playing with her.

Love it!

 on January 25, 2013
By A mommy
Another great doll by Corolle. I bought this as a present for my daughter from her grandparents. My daughter already had the Corolle Laughing Flowers in pink. Both of them are great quality. My daughter loves these soft beanbag dolls with open and close eyes more than any other doll she has been given. I like that it smells good and has super cute/trendy looking clothes. She also got the Fisher Price Servin Surprises kitchen table from Santa and the high chair that attaches to the table from her grandparents along with this doll. This doll does fit into the high chair but it is a little difficult to get out. Her legs get stuck a little.

Baby Doll

 on January 14, 2013
By jan from spokane
I bought this baby doll for my 20-month granddaughter and she loved it immediately. She plays with it all the time and it is holding up well. The clothing appears well made. There is a mild “vanilla” fragrance on the doll but not offensive at all.

We love Corolle!

 on January 13, 2013
By Jess in Japan
We had Tidoo and got this one for our tiny 21-month old daughter for Christmas. Our daughter is the size of a 12-month old so this doll, being a little smaller, is perfect for her. She loves her. And the slight smell, weight, details make Calin a quality doll. Very happy with her.

Gift for new granddaughter

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 on November 23, 2012
By Joan D. Tamburino
I bought this for my newborn granddaughter. Her mother and father visited Paris, France while pregnant with her and I thought the beret would be a reminder of that trip. The doll is adorable and will be just the perfect size for her first baby dolll on her first birthday. I love Corolle dolls and began the trandition of gifting my granddaughters with them when my first granddaughter was born. She is now five and this year requested that Santa Claus bring her another French baby doll.

Great for a 2 year old

 on November 13, 2012
By Jackie A.
I just purchased this doll for my 2 year old granddaughter, per the request of her mother. When I first received this doll, I thought it was a little small. But for my granddaughter, it is a perfect size. She loves this doll and takes it everywhere with her. For any little girl, who likes dolls/babies, this doll is a great purchase.

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